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More than 15 years developing solutions for clients and agencies

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IT Projects with International Scope

Experience and strength in web development, 15 years programming solutions for companies and institutions.

Soluciones de CMS - Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) - Espatio System

Self Managed Websites

Sites with Content Management System allow you to manage text, photos and video - without the help of third parties, instantly and personally. Through a private panel, you will be able to add, modify and delete information - products, services - and perform actions that mean added value for your company, saving time and controlling your web business instantly.

Espatio CMS, a useful solution for those businesses that need a bespoke management system.

Sites Info

Website coding according to your specific needs, with 100% customized Control Panels.

  • Customized panel
  • Private Access
  • Easy to use
Soluciones de Tienda Ecommerce

Retail and Wholesaler - Esolo Store System

Ecommerce Solutions

Professional Ecommerce systems, implementing the most used payment gateways by buyers as Stripe, Paypal, 2Checkout and Redsys. Available in two versions, Retail and Wholesaler

A modularly developed system that allows you to adapt the functionality to your business model. Products, orders, sales and statistics in a powerful online sales system.

Ecommerce Info

My panel allows you to fully manage:

  • Product Catalog
  • Ordering
  • Stock
  • Reports
  • And more!
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Tailor-made software with modular and scalable architecture

Bespoke Software Development

Professional programming of bespoke software solutions, developing the functionality that your company needs, as retailers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers areas. From analysis of the project through designing and development to testing and maintenance. Tailor-made software solutions can help your business keep up with evolving user needs and expectations to provide better customer experiences with technology.

Software Info

Classic solutions such as:

  • APIS Development
  • Micro Services
  • Control Panels
>Web Programming Outsourcing


Nearshore Outsourcing - PHP Web Developer - Web Agencies and IT Companies

Web Programming Outsourcing

Complete Your Software Development Projects with Nearshore Outsourcing. I offer Outsourcing services in programming for Web Design Agencies and IT Companies, working on the projects that the client needs to increase the scope of their business. I work on one-off projects or on longer term working relationships, all in White Label mode.

Outsourcing Info

Classic solutions such as:

  • Website Development
  • APIS Development
  • Micro Services

Professional and direct workflow, that match your business vision

How Todológico works!

Project Requirements

Todologico - requerimientos

The first step for a development is to obtain the information of the project to be built. I ask the client for the complete detail and all the material he can get. Similar websites, information, documentation or schemes and all that material that provides concrete clarity. In the case of software, this information must be accurate.

Testing and Development

Todologico - desarrollo web

In all website and software developments I always implement a large amount of testing on the main functionalities, ensuring the quality of the final product.Once I have a minimum version, it is presented to the client to review the project, which grows in iterative stages. The client always has access to the project to review it.

Efficient Delivery Process

Todologico - entrega de soluciones web

After the project has been developed and all the system testing has been approved, with the client's review completed, I deliver the project to the final server, leaving it fully operational and functional.

Hosting and support for your business

Hosting. Dedicated and Shared Servers to make your application run like the wind!

Hosting in high capacity servers, ideal for hosting websites with load of requests and critical online software.

Complete web solutions, this includes, as optional, the hosting of the site and software. Service physically located in USA, Spain or Germany Datacenter, with high speed, backup, security and extensive resources.

I work with reliable web hosting companies.

TodoLógico Web Programmer.
Website development, Ecommerce solutions and taylor-made Software. More than 15 years working remotely for companies. Remote work with commitment and quality.